About The Team

We employ the best pharmacist, and pharmacy technicians that we could scrounge up! Our staff is well educated, trained, and uses the latest technology in order to provide the best personal care for our patients. **Note: We are not responsible for any injuries resulting from excessive eye rolling while reading our bios.

Dr. Melanie Overley

Born in Texas (insert Texas joke here), Dr. Melanie Overley (Dr. Mel) honed her “Medicine Woman” skills in the backwoods/mountains of the University of Colorado Skaggs school of pharmacy in 2013. Dr. Mel is licensed to deal drugs in Colorado, Arkansas and Arizona. Shortly after graduating, Dr. Mel sought the drier weather of Arkansas. In Arkansas, she worked for Walgreens for 5 years using their “corporate model” of customer service. In 2019, Dr. Mel made the leap of faith out of the corporate pharmacy environment and with her husband founded Frontier Pharmacy. When she is not plotting to take over the world with her Bio Chemistry skills, she is a skilled seamstress, quilter and an excellent mom. She hopes that Frontier Pharmacy will provide the Bismarck community with convenient access for their prescription and OTC needs with personal hometown service.

Will Pequignot

Upon graduating from high school, Will said “good-bye-o” to Ohio and began his adventures sailing around the world with the United States Merchant Marine Academy and then the United States Navy. His major is in marine and nuclear engineering. How many people can claim to have driven an aircraft carrier thru the Suez Canal in Egypt? “Where there’s a Will; There is a way!!” Having traveled to all 50 states and many countries on 4 different continents, this jack of all trades decided to pick up his MBA along the way. Like the character Don Quixote, Will has spent time chasing wind turbines and later found himself in “Plastics” as advised in the classic movie “The Graduate”. His most recent position as a quality manager in the timber industry has allowed him to find quality in the community of Bismarck. Along with his new wife, Will is excited to open the much needed, Frontier Pharmacy, for its residents. Will has two awesome sons! The oldest son is following in his Dad’s footsteps at the United States Merchant Marine Academy and his youngest son enjoys playing the baritone in his high school band and is active in Boy Scouts. In the evenings and the very early mornings, you can find Will snuggled with his two adorable pocket beagles, Carl and Ellie.

Jackie Williams

Jackie is an expatriate of Walgreens with over 6 years of experience as a licensed and certified Pharmacy Technician. She is a pet lover and has miraculously gotten her birds and cats to coexist with each other. Jackie and her husband will soon be Bismarck residents as soon as the glue dries on their house. Come meet Jackie and indoctrinate her to Bismarck customs.